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Apple iPod Touch + iPhone

Our base platform - We have shipped over 70 titles with many more in development!

We use the xCode development environment, in the Objective-C language to deliver applications that run fast, ensuring our apps run on the full installed base of Apple machines.

We handle all aspects of title development: design, programming, posting of the title in the store, and tracking and managing the title when it is inside the App store. Let us take your concept and bring it to fruition!


Apple iPad

the Apple iPad - This super-sized version of the iPod Touch and iPhone is beloved by seniors who love its large type sizes, and adored by technopeasants who can't stand boot times, anti-virus software, operating system updates that break your products, and all other myriad ills of conventional computers. So much larger than the iPhone that it creates new possibilities not feasible on small phones. A great multi-function product that is a great e-book reader and an app player.


Android smartphones

Google strikes back! Google has used its formidable software prowess to whip out in record time a free touchscreen operating system that is near irresistable to hardware companies who not only hate software but fear the patent armor of Apple, so now many companies like Motorola and HTC have come out with a full line of smartphones based on Android. Each phone has different hardware characteristics, but all share the same friendly touchscreen operating system courtesy of Google. We are watching the Android system closely and preparing software for this system.


Microsoft Smart Phones

Windows Mobile Platform - The most spectacular business failure in Microsoft's history. MS bought Nokia, which shipped an incredible 480 million cellphones in 2008, and built a terrific mobile operating system, but Google's free offering was so much more palatable to the hardware vendors, that it flopped terribly. Actually, Windows Mobile is terrific; it has a lot of power, and many things to recommend it, but since the Chinese make 95% of all cellphones, Google's "software for free" approach was irresistable.



Labeling Software - Discus 4 is the best labeling software available. With exciting and unique features like photo collage, new text layouts, a symbol layer with all the DVD symbols, new export features and hundreds of other improvements, find out how here much better it is! Visit Magic Mouse Productions for more information.